Space shooting games

Shooting GamesAnother type of Shooting Games is space games. Imagine being in the vast emptiness of space, space admiral you, are embarking on a quest to find intelligent life on mars. On your voyage to the red planet, something unexpected happens, a close encounter of the third kind. 18 million miles away from earth, it is just you and your space cadet facing the one thing you really did not expect to see in space. Your only weapons are your ion ray guns and your wits. Will you make it back to earth?

About Shootinggames

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll know that there’s nothing better than proper tactical shooting games (yes, blowing up stuff makes me happy). It’s hard to find decent shooting games, particularly army games and tank games for iphone, but I’m on the lookout and will keep you posted if I find an iphone tank game that meets my exacting specs! Let me know if you find a decent battle tank games, and share your favourite shooting games here!
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