Carnival Shooting Games

Shooting GamesSome of the more simple Shooting Games are based on carnival games. Remember being at the carnival, there was a shooting game that had you shooting tiny metal pellets at moving objects? There were also the water sprayer games; you had to shot a stream of water into the clown’s mouth to blow up the balloon till it popped. These types of shooting games have been updated and made into more modern games. There are even carnival game apps available on the iphone.

About Shootinggames

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll know that there’s nothing better than proper tactical shooting games (yes, blowing up stuff makes me happy). It’s hard to find decent shooting games, particularly army games and tank games for iphone, but I’m on the lookout and will keep you posted if I find an iphone tank game that meets my exacting specs! Let me know if you find a decent battle tank games, and share your favourite shooting games here!
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